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What is Galentine's Day & How To Celebrate It

What is Galentine’s Day?

To put it simply it’s a pre–Valentine’s Day celebration with your best girlfriends. Why not celebrate our dear friends, the ones that make us laugh, cry and the ones that get us through the ups and downs in life?

Where did Galentine’s Day come from?

So, the cool thing is, it didn’t come from Hallmark or some big marketing firm, it actually came from a TV show I never even watched, Parks and Recreation, I think I need to binge watch this now. Anyway, if you go to episode 16, which is called “Galentine’s Day, the character Leslie gets a group of her closet gals for a brunch full of waffles, love and friendship. She explains in the episode, “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast style”, “Ladies celebrating ladies” And from this, Galentine’s Day was officially, unofficially added to calendar’s everywhere. 

How to celebrate Galentine’s Day

I’ve been celebrating friends for a while, even before I knew about Galentine's day. Every year, after all the Valentine’s day hoopla I would gather my besties and have a Post Valentine Tea Party…believe me, we weren’t drinkin’ no tea…but we were drinkin chocolate Mar-T-inis, (get it, T, not Tea),  want in on the recipe I’ve got it for ya, hang tight. Keep reading

chocolate raspberry martini for galentines day

We all know Valentine’s day can be a bit awkward, challenging and downright disappointing for some, but knowing you will be celebrating friendship and having fun with friends at your Galentine’s Day party, makes it’s all good! My Post Valentine Tea Party was a bright light for my friends and I. 

Party Ideas for Galentine’s Day

For me, my Post Valentine Tea party was super easy, everyone brought an appetizer, (the perfect girl food) and I supplied the Chocolate Raspberry Martini’s and my Easy Christmas Chocolate Cake, except I put red and pink sprinkles with little hearts on it instead of Christmas holly sprinkles. I would also pick up some very inexpensive gifts at my favorite store TJ Maxx and would wrap them up and we would play “Steal or White Elephant” Believe me the game got very heated and fun! Lots of laughter with these silly little gifts. The best part of the party was just sharing quality time with dear friends after the holidays and reconnecting. The bonds that were made from this party run strong, we still get together every time I get back home and it’s like I never left. So blessed to have my friends and friendships in my life.

How to decorate for Galentine’s Day

This is easy, keep it simple, use pretty pink and red hearts, all the goodies from Valentine’s Day make things so festive and fun. I mean who really loves all that stuff? Your girlfriends!!!! I have a simple Valentine bunting in the shop you can hang up, its fun and festive and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. How about some Valentine candles, always a hit.

valentine gift ideas valentine candles

Grab some cute paper plates to make clean up easy, have everyone bring an appetizer and viola you have yourself a Galentine party. Again, the cool thing about his holiday, it’s made up, there are no rules to follow so make if your own and celebrate those friendships!

Who to invite to Galentine’s Day

Technically, not technically, it’s a girls holiday but if your bestie is a guy… bring him in on the fun too! Invite old friends, new friends, friends from different walks of life, celebrate them all! Change it up and just have fun! Or what if your bestie is long distance, why not send a little token of your friendship, we have lots of gift ideas, candles, soaps and will have a special collection of fun goodies in honor of Galentine’s day this year. Stay tuned for that. If you are not on our email list, you can sign up here. You won't want to miss our special Galentine bundle. 

What If Galentine’s Day is not your thang… that’s ok, nothing to worry about, but at least you are in the know about Galentine’s day whether you celebrate it or not. It might sound a little silly but why not celebrate friends that are there for you getting you through the good and bad times in life. It seems like all of my friends, and I are in the “parents are getting older phase” and “our kids are getting more independent and heading to college soon” phase, I feel so blessed to have them by my side to get through these challenging times in life, to laugh, cry and make sense of it all. Where would I be without my girlfriends after all? Want the recipe for those super yummy Chocolate Martini's? Here ya go!


Have you ever been to a Galentine’s Day party? Or would you go to one? What appetizer would you bring? What fun drink would you like see see there? Drop me a comment below, would love to hear from ya!

Until next time, happy healthy trails,

❤ Lisa

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  • Sounds like so much fun! I’m definitely going to plan a Galentine party this year!


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