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Wick Trimmer for Candles
Wick Trimmer for Candles

Wick Trimmer for Candles

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Wick Trimmer for Candles

Wick Trimmers help prolong the life of your candle for a cleaner, brighter and more even burn.

  • Reduces soot and smoke
  • Preserves the candle
  • Helps to control how much wax melts to create an even burn
  • Notably prolongs the life of the candle.

How To Use a Wick Trimmer

Before each use, trim the wick when the wax is completely dry. Trim back the wick to roughly one-quarter of an inch.  Be sure to remove any debris or soot from the wax before igniting the wick. 

Get your wick trimmer today, available in black or rose gold