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Why I Use A Journal

Have you ever tried journaling? I have used journaling over the years, and it has really helped me through some trying times...and there has been a few. 

I have always loved to write but never felt I was really good at it, but that's the thing with journaling, it is a personal journey, no one needs to read it, grade it or comment on it. It’s just for you. 

My Western Heart Journals

I have found with journaling that it helps me to get my feelings out, sometimes the feelings in life are SO seems when I write, they just come tumbling out. 

So here is my story, how and when I started journaling. The first time I used a journal I was encouraged to do so when I was 30 years old, I found myself in a strange place in life, I was 30 years old and I didn't know much about my mom, you see she passed when I was 11 years old, very unexpectedly. Believe me when you are 11 you don't think of all of life's questions to ask you mom...but when 30 rolls might want to know a few things about your mom. 

I wanted to know how my mom came to California from the east coast, did she have any health issues? She seemed healthy to me when I was a kid until her immediate passing. How did her labor and deliveries go, why did she name me Lisa? My dad wasn't much help in the labor and delivery department, men weren't ever allowed in the delivery room those days...they got to wait in the waiting room and pass out cigars. Boy times have changed. 

Well anyways, per the suggestion of my counselor, I started to journal, I picked up a pretty journal and thought now what? How could this stupid journal help me? Well, it was magic, I started writing and writing, sometimes crying, sometimes anger would spill onto the pages. It was a great relief. I didn't get things answered always but it sure helped to get the feelings out of my head. 

I still journal to this day, usually in the quiet morning hours, with a cup of hot coffee and a favorite candle burning, usually Wild Rose. Sometimes I journal more than other times, most mornings I try to write down my intention for the day, not the same as a to do list, I do that separately. I will share more on writing down my daily intentions next time. I also include what I am thankful for every day. 

My Western Heart Gratitude Journal

Do you journal? Does it seem to help? I will be creating journals this year, pretty ones, junky ones, horse ones. What kind would you like to see? Here are a few of the journals that we have listed so far if you would like to take a look and shipping is free!!


Until next time,

Happy, healthy trails!

My Western Heart




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