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What is soap on a rope?

What is soap on a rope?

Soap on a rope was created by the English Leather Company in the late 1940's to keep soap from getting all mushy and gross in the soap dish! But it wasn't until the 1970's that this idea really took off! And then!! I had an idea!! How cool would it be to have easy access to a lux soap after working around the ranch. 

Who loves Ranch Hand Soap on a Rope

We took an old idea and made it work for all our ranchers, gardeners, cowgirls, artists and ranch hands. One day I was tired of having dirty hands while working horses and needed something I could keep handy by my water faucet for easy hand washing and I didn't want little dirt specks in my soap...gross!  I started to think about it and a light bulb went on in my head!! What if I added a little piece of jute to my hand made soaps and added a little loofah for extra cleaning. I mean really, what horse woman has clean hands after a few hours of working horses.

Ranch Hand Soap on a Rope by My Western Heart

Where is Ranch Hand Soap on a Rope made?

Right here on our Montana ranch! We use luxurious ingredients for soft clean skin. Our favorite soap base is goat milk, it makes a nice lather and has a smooth texture. 

Where can you hang your Ranch Hand Soap on a Rope?

Any where your little 'ol heart desires. I have artist friends that use our loofah soap on a rope in their art studios. Gardeners love hanging them on the water spigot. Ranchers of course love having it handy after a long day of ranch work. I even have one right in my laundry/cleaning room at my sink. Its a nice treat after cleaning the house to a skin softening soap right there.

Ranch Hand Soap on a Rope Scents

We currently offer 3 different scents of our Ranch Hand Soap on a Rope, Spiced Orange a refreshing orange scent, perfect for summer, Wild Rose inspired by our Montana wild roses that return every year at our ranch and our latest scent Farmhouse Garden a intoxicating blend of Lavender, Lilac and Rose. Farmhouse garden also comes in a candle too, you can find it here. Our soaps and candles make great gifts for friends, cowgirls, teacher appreciation gifts, gardeners, ranchers, artists and more!

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We love having our hand made soaps hanging around at the ranch but can you think of a place to use our Ranch Hand Soaps? I can think of a few more, leave a comment below and let me know, I would love to hear your ideas.

Until next time, happy, healthy trails!

❤ Lisa

Ranch Hand Soap on a Rope for ranchers, cowgirls gardeners

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