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What is a preorder candle event?

Hey, I’m glad you asked

By now you have probably been seeing our posts on social media, Facebook and Instagram about our preorder candle events and you might be wondering what is a preorder candle event? Saddle up and I will fill you in.

What is a preorder candle event?

A preorder event is held at the beginning of a season with our new candle line up for the season as well as previous candle scents from the year before. Instead of us guessing what everyone wants we ask in advance that way you get exactly what you want. It’s a win win, customers get what they want, and we don’t have extra stock to find homes for. We know our customers know what they want.

How do you order? There are a few ways to order but the easiest way is to pop over to home décor collection and take a look and make an order. You can also send us a message or email if you have questions.

Farmhouse inspired candles

Are all your candles preordered?

Nope! The only time we do a preorder event is when we release new scents at the beginning of a season. The candles in the preorder event will be tagged “Preorder”

When will candles arrive? Once we end the preorder event, we get busy making candles. Our turnaround time is about 2 to 3 weeks before we can ship out to you.

Why do we do preorder events

We make our candles to order as much as we can, that way we don’t have to guess which scents everyone is going to like and that way you get exactly what you want.

If you have questions about a scent, shoot us an email at We will be glad to answer questions.


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