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What are Bath Tea Bags

How I Got Started Making Bath Tea Bags

A few years ago I was gifted some relaxing bath salts with pretty flower petals, I was so excited to try them. It's not often that I get to sit down in my tub and enjoy a nice hot bath after a long day working at the ranch. My excitement to try these bath salts spurred me to take a little time for me. You know how it is, the chores just keep coming and the days don' t have enough hours. Anyway, I dumped my beautiful handmade bath salts in my tub, had the most relaxing soak but when I got out, there was little flower buds everywhere and I had to clean them up! So much for relaxation and I didn't want one more thing to do.  I also had concerns that the little buds would go down my drain and cause my drain to clog up. 

I thought there must be a better way to get the relaxation of the Epsom salt and dried lavender. After scouting around on the internet I found some little tea bags and decided to make my own bath tea bags. Ones that would not cause any mess. All my ingredients would be right in the bath tea bag that I could toss right in the tub and the best part, no clean up! 

What are Bath Tea Bags

Bath tea bags or also known as bath tea soaks are little tea bags, filled with wonderful things like Epsom salts and dried flowers.  I've added coconut oil capsules to our Ranch Hand Bath Tea Bags for a little skin softening.  All the ingredients are contained in the bag, you just toss in the tub, the bath tea soak ingredients melt and diffuse in your tub, making your bath smell amazing, your skin is soft and those sore achy muscles relax and feel better,  and the best part after you enjoy your nice relaxing bath, you have no clean up. Just grab your empty bath tea bag and toss it in the trash. 

Who Needs Bath Tea Bags

Well this should be easy but they are for anyone that enjoys a nice long hot soak in the tub with Epsom salts and flower petals but doesn't want a mess to clean up.

Moms need bath tea bags and they make a really thoughtful and unique gift for mom this Christmas. Cowgirls need bath tea bags, especially after a day of working around the ranch, doing ranch chores, chasing kids and critters.

woman working on ranch

Teachers...teachers need bath tea bags!! These are the hardest working group of individuals I know, these make great gifts for teacher appreciation. These are also a popular wedding shower gift idea. Need some favors for your next shower or event, I can do that. 

Where Can You Find Bath Tea Bags

We make them right here in Montana, and can ship them to you or your gift recipient.  You can find our Ranch Hand Tea Bags here.  For Mother's Day we had bath tea soaks paired up with some of our other self care products, such as hand-poured soy candles and handmade soaps. If you need a large volume order for a baby or wedding shower, send a quick email and let's chat

We can also make thank you soap favors for your shower or event and include a personalized tag.

 lavender goat milk soap party favors my western heart


By the way, as most of you know, I am an Amazon Affiliate, and that means that this post might have links to products I know and recommend, when you click on them I might received a small commission at no added cost to you. Look what I found to make your bath time more enjoyable

 A wonderful way to get to  all those hard to reach places, like your back. A favorite bath or shower tool.

Bath Brush


Luxury Bath Pillow When I relax in the tub, I want to lay back, listen to soft spa music and unwind. These luxury bath pillows make it so easy to lay back and relax, no ice cold tub to lay against, just a nice soft bath pillow.


Like I said, I love to listen to my favorite spa music while I soak, it just adds to the entire experience. Why not grab this shower speaker? And it can be attached to your backpack or purse for listening pleasure else where. 


Don't forget to grab your favorite candle and bath tea bags right here at My Western Heart

We even have specials on our bath tea soaks and our handmade lavender soap, you can find that special right here on our website.

I don't know about you all, but after working horses, cleaning up around the ranch and house I could really use a nice spa experience but after I get done paying the hay bill, farrier and feed store there is not much left for me, that is why I love self care I can enjoy at home for a fraction of the cost. I love creating affordable spa gifts for friends or myself, I hope you enjoy them too!

Thanks again for riding along!


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  • Your products look amazing.

    The black shower speaker is on sale as of today, I thought that’s cool and clicked and I had already bought one (as a gift I’m sure, it was 3 years ago lol) but I don’t have one so it’s going in my list.

  • Love it!! 🥰


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