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What Are Wax Warmers and Melts?

What Is A Wax Warmer?

Who doesn’t love some peace and quiet after a busy day at the barn? How cool it would be to kick your boots off,  grab your favorite beverage, and turn on your wax warmer to fill you room with your favorite relaxing scent. What a great way to end your busy day!

What's a wax warmer you say, read on, I'm gonna give you all the information on wax warmers and wax melts.

Many of my customers have started with candles and made the shift to wax warmers and I am going to tell you why.

Wax warmers are decorative pieces that you place inside your home or office space as a fragrance source. Heck you could even put one in your tack room. 

Wax warmers typically have a light bulb under a tray that holds a soy wax cube, the light bulb warms the wax, melting it to releases your favorite scent. No flame or fire.

What Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are candle wax without a wick, there for no flame and no container. They're just scented wax that comes in a plastic cube tray, or sometimes they come in different fun shapes, like a pumpkin or flower. Sometimes they are called wax tarts.

How Do You Use Wax Melts? 

You simply break a wax cube out of the plastic tray or set your fun wax shape in the wax warmer tray which is typically heated by a low wattage light bulb. The heat melts the wax and your favorite aroma is released.

The great thing about using wax warmers and wax melts is that you don't have to keep buying a new candle jar once you run out. You just buy the wax melts and heat them on the wax warmer you have. This way you use less glass that ends up in landfills and you save even more money since wax melts are far more economical than a traditional candle. 

Different Kinds of Wax Warmers

Wax warmers come different shapes and sizes, this one is my favorite. I use it for Christmas but it is very versatile for all seasons. 

wax warmer with wax melts 


Electric Wax Warmers

Electric wax warmers have no flame and rely on electricity to heat your wax melts. Some use a light bulb for heat, others have a built-in heading element. Some electric wax warmer can be used as a candle warmer as well.

Are Wax Warmers Better Than Traditional Candles?

Many people love wax warmers because there is no flame. They offer a safer alternative for children and pets, or even your elderly family members.

And, they are super easy to change things up, if you want a strong coffee scent in the morning and a more romantic floral in the evening, just remove your wax from morning and start over. Also it's fun to mix your wax melts, I love to mix things up don’t you? I like to mix  Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes and Cranberry Spice, it makes me think of all things Thanksgiving!

pumpkin pecan pancakes soy wax melts for wax warmer

How To Use A Wax Warmer 

1. Pick Your Favorite Wax Melt Scent

2. Place A Wax Cube In the Wax Warmer

3. Turn On Your Wax Warmer

4. Sit Back and Unwind and Enjoy Your Favorite Scent 

How to Change The Wax in Your Wax Warmer

Now you want to try those new melts you just received, how do you change the wax in your wax warmer or maybe you no longer smell the wax melts. That means it's time to remove the old wax and clean it out. I simply pour my warm wax in the trash, then I wipe down the inside of my wax tray with a paper towel and start over by adding a new wax cube.

Another technique is to stick your wax warmer dish in the freezer, wait for the wax to completely harden, and pop it out in one piece. I have actually reused the wax that I froze, I place it in a bag, and set it aside for later.

Replace Used Wax Melts

Once your wax warmer is all clean, add your new favorite wax melts. How about trying this new scent for fall, Autumn Trail Ride or for Christmas Grandma’s Kitchen

grandma's kitchen soy wax melt for wax warmer

Still Not a Fan of Wax Warmers, No Problem We Got Ya Covered

Our soy candles are loved over and over by our customers. We offer our candles and melts on a preorder basis only, to find out when the next preorder is happening, join our email list to keep in the know, subscribe here. If you want to take a look at our handmade seasonal and cowgirl candles, click here to see our candle collection

Personally, I love to see the candle flame but sometimes I need to use my wax warmer and melts as a safer option, especially when I have little ones visiting or my cat get curious. 

my western heart testimonial soy candles

Always follow good practices whether burning candles or using your soy wax melts. Keep both away from pets and small children, and make sure they are on a stable surface. 

I hope this post explains what wax warmers and melts are and please, if you have any questions just drop a comment below, I will get back to ya!

Until next time, happy healthy trails!


PS Don't forget to drop a comment below! I love questions and would love to know your favorite scent

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