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Meet The Horses of Outlaw Carriage Company

Today I am so excited to introduce you to the horses and owner of  the Outlaw Carriage Company purveyors of classic horse-drawn transportation for carriage weddings, wagon, and sleigh rides. Located in Livingston Montana.

A little back story on The Outlaw Carriage Company

A few years ago I stumbled upon the amazing horses of Outlaw Carriage Company, on their Instagram page. I was captivated, these horses were absolutely gorgeous and became a huge inspiration for our Sleigh Ride Candle at My Western Heart.

At the time I was creating our candle I would have loved to have had the Outlaw Carriage horses on our label, but I wasn’t sure it would be possible and didn't want to ask.  Finally, one day  I approached Wayne, the owner of Outlaw Carriage Company through Instagram and asked him if he would be interested in doing a photoshoot with our Sleigh Ride candle and his horses…he graciously agreed. I was beyond thrilled; it was such a treat to see a My Western Heart candle with the team of horses that inspired me to create this beautiful winter candle.

To this day I have not met Wayne or his team of horses in person, but I can tell you this I am a huge fan. Wayne has been so easy to work with and generous with his time. Hopefully one day I will get to take my family for a real horse drawn sleigh ride with Outlaw Carriage or at least stop in for a visit.

Wayne of Outlaw Carriage Company

Let’s meet the horses and owner of the Outlaw Carriage Company

When owner Wayne Krzycki and his team of horses aren’t pulling sleighs or wedding carriages they can be found guiding hunters in the back country of Montana.

When Wayne first started choosing his team of horses back in 2013, he decided he needed a versatile breed, horses that could not only pull carriages and sleighs but also be ridden in the back country on small, narrow trails.

Wayne’s horses are Percheron crosses. Their weight ranges from 1,500 to 1,700 pounds. He went with a Percheron cross verses a larger draft horse due to hoof size. A draft horse’s larger hoof would have trouble on small, rugged trails in the back country. He wanted horses he could use year round.

Today you will be meeting three of the Outlaw Carriage horses Willie, Wyatt and Beau.

This is what Wayne has to say about his horses

Willie is a 10-year-old Percheron cross, and is as sweet as an angel. Look at that face, he is pictured on the right.

Outlaw Carriage Company Horses

Wyatt, also 10 years old, is a bit stoic, but still a nice horse, he likes to work and get the job done. We all need a Wyatt on our team, he is pictured on the left.

Horses of Outlaw Carriage Company

Last but not least is Beau, he's the youngster and kind of a rug rat but is getting better and better every time he goes out and is turning out to be a nice horse. Beau is pictured in the picture above on the right.

Planning a wedding in Montana? Would you like to book a sleigh or carriage ride with Outlaw Carriage?

Horse Drawn Carriage Wedding in Montana

Currently if you would like to book a carriage ride for the summer months, you can contact Wayne on Instagram or Facebook pages. He would be happy to discuss your needs

Wayne and his team of amazing horses even do Valentine Sleigh Rides, how romantic is that?

If you would like to order our Sleigh Ride candles or melts with our new label featuring two of the Outlaw Carriage horses, click here.

The horses pictured on our new label are Waylon and Willie, sadly Waylon had to be put down a few years ago, he was in Wayne’s words “a horse that would do anything… If I ask him to walk through a creek covered in ice, he wouldn’t think twice about doing it. He was dependable that way.” Sounds like my kind of horse. ❤

I would like to thank Wayne for giving me his time and patience so I could write this blog post. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the horses of Outlaw Carriage. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook or Instagram!

As always, until next time, happy, healthy trails!

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Photo Credits: Outlaw Carriage Company

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